Crook County Kids Club
Crook County Kids Club

Kids Club Activities


The Crook County Kids Club offers a number of programs to help kids learn and grow. They include:

Power Hour

Tutoring and homework assistance whether your child brings in their own homework or we can provide grade-appropriate activities to enhance and support classroom efforts. Each midterm a handful of children will be selected to receive an award acknowledging their efforts towards a better education.

Daily After School Activities

4th/5th Club: This club is for members ages 10 and up. Members that would like to participate in this great program are invited to come join us on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Currently, kids are involved with a candy store, earning money to go on field trips. 

"Bright Girls": Bright Girls is a group that meets once a week and teaches girls ages 8 and up about how to maintain a positive attitude, deal with peer pressure, and become a happy, healthy young adult.

We also offer a variety of sporting tournaments, teaching sportsmanship, Fine Arts, where members are encouraged to learn about art concepts and create, music and movement, where members can explore their "dramatic" sides through improvisation and music.

The Crook County Kids Club is...

  • A youth development program created by and for the kids, parents, and citizens of Crook County.

  • A safe, fun, enriching place for kids to go when they have free time after school and on non-school days.

  • A place to play a game, read a book, do homework, get some exercise, help the community, and learn something new.

  • Run by caring, professional staff who model strong, positive relationships with kids.

  • Funded by grants, donations, and program fees.

  • Open to kids 5 to 16-years old from 2:45 pm to 6:00 pm on school days and 7:00 am to 6:00 pm on non-school (vacation, in-service, etc.) days and during the summer.

  • Located at Barnes Butte Elementary.

  • Accessible from all Prineville elementary and middle schools.